2PM’s “Vincenzo” Star Ok Taecyeon Just Failed A Fanmade Quiz… About Himself

😂 Hottest—could you pass this exam with flying colors?

WayV’s Ten Got Asked About Visiting The YG Entertainment Building For BLACKPINK’s Lisa — Here’s His Response

Besties, we love to see it.

Actress So Yoo Jin Responds To BTS’s Jimin Not Recognizing Her On “Run BTS!”

BTS is quite close with So Yoo Jin’s husband, Baek Jong Won.

Red Velvet Surpasses 500 Days With No Comeback—Here’s What They’ve Been Doing In The Meantime

The most agonizing wait in K-Pop history! 😭

5 Extreme Ways K-Pop Companies Make Trainees Lose Weight—Exposed By Real Former Trainees

Some of these trainees were barely teenagers at the time 😢

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The 10 Best-Selling K-Pop Albums For The First Third Of 2021

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ITZY’s Yeji Revealed Their Sneaky Tactic To Make Sure Lia Is Ready On Time

Lia nowadays is quite different.

8 Of The Most Iconic Grandmothers And Mothers In K-Drama History

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BTS’s Jimin Once Rebelled Against His Seniors In High School, Here’s What Happened To Him Next

V then gave a savage comment.

Doyoung Gave A Savage Response To His Brother Gong Myung’s Request To Star In An NCT MV

“If there is such a music video, I can do it.”

Here Are 9 Times Idols Made Surprising Cameos In K-Pop Music Videos

Did you notice them?

Actress Goo Hye Sun Takes Legal Action Against YouTuber For Defamation Of Character

It’s regarding her former marriage.

ITZY’s Newest Encore Performance Receives Endless Praise From Korean Fans

They are super impressed!

The Members Of ITZY Reveal Their Best Beauty Secrets

“I always put on…”

ARMYs Notice BTS Jimin’s New Adorable Habit…And Now We’re All Swooning

The cutest man in the world!

Simon D Reveals His Outlook On Money Shifted Following An Important Life Change

His reason is absolutely adorable.

NCT DREAM Get Vulnerable And Confess To Each Other— And Now We’re Soft

Who’s cutting up onions in here?

Mystery Surrounding College Student’s Death Grows As His Friend Continues With Suspicious Behavior

The police have not investigated the friend.

Here Are All 15 Times That ITZY Has Charted On Billboard

They’re likely the first of many more to come!

BTS’s V Searched His Name Online After He Was Revealed—Here’s What He Found

I tried typing in my name “Kim Taehyung…”

Highlight’s Yang Yoseob Cries At A Fan’s Touching Words During A Fan Sign

He’s been an idol for 13 years.

GOT7’s Bambam Reveals He Signed With Abyss Company Because Of Sunmi

They have such a close senior-junior friendship!

BTS’s J-Hope Trends “Curtain” Worldwide After Forgetting Conan O’Brien’s Name

Hobi is too precious!

ENHYPEN Reveals What Their Seniors BTS and TXT Taught Them

They gave wise advice.