Here’s The Incident That May Have Led To Red Velvet Irene’s Attitude Controversy Blowing Up

Netizens believe this could have sparked the outrage.

NCT Doyoung’s Description of Red Velvet’s Irene Resurfaces In Light Of Her Poor Attitude Controversy

“I’m still scared of her right now…” — Doyoung

Here’s All The Insiders That Supported The Post Criticizing Red Velvet’s Irene – And It Includes SM Entertainment Stylists And BLACKPINK’s Staff

One even stepped up to reveal more incidents where Irene’s actions left her upset.

Red Velvet Irene’s Fansign Entry Video Resurfaces In Light Of Recent Controversy

Notice the members’ expressions.

Industry Insiders Including A Backup Dancer, Video Director And More Allegedly Speak Up Against Red Velvet’s Irene For Her “Attitude”

Other insiders spoke up with their own stories.

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