Forming through the survival reality show SIXTEEN, the 9 members of TWICE took the world by storm from the moment they made their debut in 2015.

Exceptional in many ways, TWICE stand out from the crowd with their high-energy performances, fun music style, and intriguing concepts, as well as for their great relatability to fans.

Here’s What Time TWICE’s Nayeon, Dahyun, And Sana Wake Up In The Morning

“It’s the best time to wake up.”

Nayeon Reveals TWICE’s One Regret About Their “Cry For Me” Performances

“Because I feel like we didn’t…”

Gong Seung Yeon Reveals It Was Hard To See Her Sister TWICE’s Jeongyeon Struggle With Anxiety

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“River Where The Moon Rises” Actor Na In Woo Reveals He Used To Train As An Idol Alongside TWICE’s Jeongyeon

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TWICE’s Jeongyeon Bursts Into Tears After Reading Nayeon’s Handwritten Letter

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TWICE Once Revealed The Hardest—And Most Surprising—Part About Living In Their First Dorm

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