BTS’s Jimin Proves Just How Considerate He Is, Giving Thoughtful Recommendation To ARMY

He’s so caring!

BTS‘s Jimin asked for food recommendations on Weverse, but when an ARMY told him they couldn’t eat certain foods, he was the one to give recommendations.

Jimin | Samsung

Jimin recently took to Wevese to consult with ARMYs ahead of a meal. He asked for their recommendations on what he should eat.

| Weverse

Hmm I’m wondering what should I eat what did you guys eat (as a meal)?

— Jimin

The food suggestions came reeling in. Sure enough, Jimin got some ideas, such as Maeun Tang (spicy fish stew).

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ARMY: Maeun Tang! ~~~

Jimin: Maeun Tang! That sounds good.

Yet, Jimin became the one to give food recommendations just a moment later.

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An ARMY explained that they have gastritis or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), so they couldn’t eat anything. There are a lot of foods one must eliminate with this condition, including fatty, sugary, spicy, and acidic foods.

Still, there are many anti-inflammatory foods recommended as well. So, Jimin suggested some for the ARMY, hoping they would still eat.

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ARMY: I can’t eat anything because of gastritis ㅠㅠ

Jimin: when you’re hungry, stuff like potatoes are good and cabbage juice or broccoli juice are good for gastritis!

Jimin is so considerate and caring of ARMYs. He always wants to make sure they’re taking care of themself.

Source: Weverse