Fans of ATEEZ Defend Minjae And Junmin Of KQ Fellaz 2 From Negative Comments After Their Official Introduction By KQ Entertainment

“I hope they get lots of motivation from their hyungs!”

KQ Entertainment, home to ATEEZ, is officially introducing two of the new KQ Fellaz 2, trainees Minjae and Junmin. While their introduction is exciting for many, some netizens have aimed negative comments at them, and ATINYs are calling for an end to that.

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Before ATEEZ debuted, they were known as KQ Fellaz, which is what the company named their trainees. Similar to SM Entertainment‘s SM Rookies program, ATEEZ also released a variety of content under the name of KQ Fellaz, including impressive dance videos and a reality show.

The new group of trainees, KQ Fellaz 2, is now coming closer to debut and it promises another vast array of talent from its line-up. Yet, many ATINYs have noted that the introduction of the two eldest members, Minjae and Junmin, is being received with some negativity.

Some of it is rooted in the fact that the trainees are being introduced under the same name as ATEEZ were before their debut.

While it’s understandable that some fans would have an attachment to the name of ‘KQ Fellaz’ as ATEEZ’s former name, ATINYs are pointing out that it was only ever the name for KQ Entertainment’s trainees, so it makes sense that the new ones would adopt it.

But of course, the attachment to the name makes sense, especially considering ATEEZ’s history as the underdog from a non “Big 4” company. Yet, despite the mixed feelings behind the name, many are still claiming that it is still no reason to send hate to the new boys.

In fact, some ATINYs are making the point that the introduction of the KQ Fellaz 2 should actually be a source of pride for ATEEZ’s fandom, as it’s essentially a testament to ATEEZ’s success. It is in large part due to ATEEZ’s accomplishments that these new trainees are going to make their debut!

Of course, given the many controversies surrounding the debut of underaged idols, some fans are also concerned that KQ Entertainment might include minors in KQ Fellaz 2 and debut them.

This concern applies to most K-Pop companies, and it has even become a major point of contention regarding the debut of SM Rookies’ Shohei, who received hate comments for making his debut at the age of 26 (rather than in his teens). But there are ATINYs who trust in KQ Entertainment and believe that, considering how the company has treated ATEEZ, it is perhaps less likely that they will debut minors.

Most importantly, perhaps, ATINYs are pointing out that ATEEZ themselves are hoping to see their fans be supportive of the new KQ Fellaz.

While there is still a lot we don’t know about the new trainees, we can all be sure that they are a talented group of artists who will do their best to follow in ATEEZ’s footsteps!

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