August 15th

An Unknowing TXT Fan “Summoned” Taehyun To The Billie Eilish Concert
Little did the fan know…
Fans of ATEEZ Defend Minjae And Junmin Of KQ Fellaz 2 From Negative Comments After Their Official Introduction By KQ Entertainment
“I hope they get lots of motivation from their hyungs!”
Here Are The 6 Skincare Routine Products To Get Korean “Glass” Skin That Ha Sungwoon Swears By
He shared all of his steps during a livestream.
NCT DREAM’s Jeno Shocks NCTzens With The Cost Of His Luxury Watch
“Jeno is wearing an entire house on his wrist.”
BTS’s RM And J-Hope Are Living Their Best Lives After Being Spotted At The Recent Billie Eilish Concert In Seoul
“RM and J-Hope look like ARMYs at a BTS concert…”
GOT7’s BamBam Can’t Handle Jay B’s Cuteness On TikTok
Jay B finally returned to TikTok!
Red Velvet’s Seulgi Slays at Kino from PENTAGON’s #POSE_Challenge
Her sharp movements have gained praise in the comments!
Chungha Seemingly Calls Out Her Company MNH Entertainment During Recent Live Broadcast
Netizens think Chungha deserves better treatment!
Netizens Have Mixed Reactions To BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” Outfits
Some believe it’s too revealing and impractical.
ITZY’s Ryujin Stuns With Her Flawless Visuals And Toned Physique As She Flies To Los Angeles For “KCON 2022”
“ITZY’s Shin Ryujin took my breath away.”