Super Junior’s Heechul Shocks With The Unusual Interior Design Of His Home

“I’m a little dizzy!”

Super Junior‘s Heechul recently gave a tour of his newly refurbished home on the SBS show, My Little Old Boy. During his tour, Heechul left his fellow cast members hilariously shocked at his unexpected choice of interior decor.

Heechul | @superjunior/Instagram

The show centers around the mothers of older famous celebrities, who provide commentary on footage of their sons and daughters’ day-to-day single lifestyles. Except, as Heechul’s cast members explored his house, they couldn’t hold back from giving plenty of commentaries themselves!

From the beginning, they were already teasing Heechul about his design choices, joking that it “looks like a gallery.”

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A clearer look at the interior of the home proved they weren’t exactly wrong. Practically every inch of the place is strikingly white.

As they explored the kitchen, Kim Jong Kook commented that everything was too white, and the other guests chimed in with more hilarious jokes about what the house looked like. They even hilariously claimed that it looked too much like a hospital.

The bedroom and closet room received similar remarks…

…and as the cast continued the tour, they claimed that they were starting to feel dizzy.

As the guests sat down in the empty living room to wait for their meal, Sangmin hilariously commented that, in fact, the house has the feel of a post-apocalyptic research lab from a zombie movie.

Of course, Heechul doesn’t intend to leave the place as is. He claimed that his future wife will change things to her liking!

While the stark white design of his home is very unusual (Kim Jong Kook even joked that there are no houses like this anywhere in the world), Heechul still has to furnish it, so we have yet to see the finished result!

Watch the full tour of his house on the link below.

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