Former MONSTA X's Wonho vs. Jung Da Eun

MONSTA X’s Wonho Removed From Starship Entertainment’s Website
He’s really no longer a member of MONSTA X.
Han Seo Hee Reveals Chat Log Shared with Her Mother During B.I and Wonho Controversies
The texts from her mother are full of love and support.
Monbebes Continue To Trend Hashtags To Show Support For MONSTA X’s Wonho
Monbebes will not give up in this fight!
Heartbroken Monbebes Raise $25K For MONSTA X Wonho’s Advertisement In NYC Times Square
“They’ve helped us so much, it’s time to repay them.”
Fans Hold Silent Protest To Oppose MONSTA X Wonho’s Withdrawal From Group
Fans are doing whatever they can to keep Wonho with MONSTA X.
Starship Entertainment Terminates Their Contract With MONSTA X’s Wonho And Responds To Marijuana Accusations
“We will be terminating our contract with Wonho starting as of November 1, 2019.”
MONSTA X Fans Covers Starship Entertainment In Post-Its As A Sign Of Protest Of Wonho’s Departure
Starship took it all down immediately.
Dispatch Reveals Wonho Purchased Marijuana and Smoked It With Jung Da Eun, Former Burning Sun MD Ignores It
Read Dispatch’s full report here.
Jung Da Eun Fires Back At Those Who Blame Her For Wonho’s Exit From MONSTA X
She followed up with her own comment.
MONBEBEs Create A Petition To Keep Wonho A Member Of MONSTA X
Fans are trying their best to keep Wonho with MONSTA X.