Kang Daniel vs. LM Entertainment

Music Shows Reportedly Refusing To Allow Kang Daniel To Perform For His Solo Debut
His agency responded to the claims.
LM Refuses To Admit Defeat As They Reportedly File Another Appeal Against Kang Daniel
They won’t leave Kang Daniel alone.
Kang Daniel Reveals How He Felt During His Hiatus Due To The Legal Battle
He opened up honestly.
Kang Daniel Drops More Teasers For His Solo Debut And The Excitement Is Real
Everyone is even more pumped for his solo debut after seeing his latest teasers!
LM Entertainment Claims They Have New Evidence To Reveal The Truth About Kang Daniel
LM Entertainment is not done with their fight.
LM Entertainment’s Appeal Against Kang Daniel Decision Denied
Daniel is officially home free.
Kang Daniel Responds To LM Entertainment’s Offer To “Help” With His New Solo Agency
LM wants to work with KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT.
Kang Daniel Discusses His Legal Victory And His Hopes For The Future
Daniel is thankful for everyone who helped him along the way.
Kang Daniel’s New Company Is Much Bigger Than Expected
KONNECT Entertainment is only the tip of the iceberg.
Kang Daniel Has Established His Very Own Agency Ahead Of His Solo Debut
Daniel now owns his own agency.