#MeToo Movement In Korea

“Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” Actress Cho Hye Jung Returns To Acting For The First Time In 4 Years
She disappeared due to her father’s #MeToo scandal, and now she’s back.
Controversial Photographer Rotta Being Tried For Sexual Harassment, Netizens Say He’s Getting What He Deserves
The police investigation concluded Rotta’s case must be tried.
(★BREAKING) Studio CEO Who Leaked Nude Photos Of YouTuber Yang Yewon Committed Suicide
Police confirmed the studio CEO killed himself, leaving behind a will.
I Live Alone’s Kian84 Under Fire For “Mocking” #MeToo Movement In Recent Picture
Kian84 is taking a lot of heat for claims that he was mocking the #MeToo Movement.
Netizens shame Mizuhara Kiko After Her #MeToo Confession, Saying She Sexually Harassed GD
“She’s the one that said G-Dragon was small and bad in bed in an interview. Doesn’t she think he would feel humiliated too?”
Actor So Ji Sub Doesn’t Hesitate To Speak Up About Korea’s #MeToo Movement
So Ji Sub shares his thoughts on the MeToo Movement.
Dispatch Exposes Kim Saeng Min For Sexually Assaulting Two Women
This trending TV star has been hiding his sexual misconduct cases for 10 years!
Lawyers Receive Proof That Alleged Victims Of Sexual Harrasment By Kwak Do Won Actually Blackmailed Him For Money
Lawyers have voice recordings and text messages sent from the actor’s agency.
Song Ji Hyo Opens Up About Her Thoughts On The MeToo Movement
“The fact that #MeToo had to happen makes me so upset and angry.”
Jeon So Min Opens Up About #MeToo, Prays Her Juniors Won’t Suffer The Same Things She Went Through
Jeon So Min opened up about her own experiences in the entertainment industry and her hopes that something will be done about sexual harassment in all professions.