Mina's Allegations Against AOA's Jimin

Former AOA Member Kwon Mina Terminates Contract With Current Agency

She has left her agency.

Woori Actors Addresses Chat Room Created By Former AOA Member Kwon Mina’s Impersonator

Someone tried to impersonate Kwon Mina.

Kwon Mina’s Agency Asks The Public To Help Prevent Her Emotions From “Blowing Up”

“We’re worried it could shake and encourage Mina…”

Kwon Mina’s Agency Reveals Why She Declined A Police Investigation Into Her Bullying Allegations Against AOA

Her agency made a statement.

Former AOA Member Kwon Mina Has Rejected A Formal Police Investigation Into The Bullying She Got During AOA

She did not want an investigation.

Woori Actors Addresses The Deactivation Of Former AOA Member Mina’s Instagram Account

“It was Mina’s decision.” — Woori Actors

Former AOA Member Kwon Mina Deactivates Instagram Account After Last Update Post

Fans hope she will recover soon.

Former AOA Member Jimin Takes Down All Content From Her YouTube Channel

Everything is gone.

Former AOA Member Mina Apologizes For Her Behavior In A Recent Update On Her Condition

“I’m really sorry…” — Mina

Actor Friend Lee Si Eon Commented On Former AOA Member Mina’s Devastating Self-Harm Post

Mina and Lee Si Eon became friends in 2014 through SBS’s “Modern Farmer.”