YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Suk's Scandals

Police Reveal Investigation Into Seungri and Yang Hyun Suk’s Gambling Case Will Be Wrapped Up This Month
The investigation is almost over.
YG Entertainment’s Bank Accounts Set To Lose $60 Million USD Due To Recent Rulings
They’re standing to lose a lot of money.
Police Reveal Plans For Yang Hyun Suk’s Future Investigations
Here are their plans.
Yang Hyun Suk Admits To Gambling, Denies All Other Accusations Made Against Him
He admitted to gambling.
Yang Hyun Suk Released From The Police Station After 23 Hours Of Investigation
He was questioned for almost an entire day.
YG Entertainment Reportedly Struggling As Their Trainees Are Trying To Leave The Agency, Agency Responds
YG is desperately trying to hold onto their trainees.
Yang Hyun Suk And Seungri Summoned For Two Different Dates By The Police For Their Gambling Investigation
They’ll be heading to the police station once again.
JTBC Reveals Details On Yang Hyun Suk’s Las Vegas Gambling, Including VIP Status And A Paper Company
He gambled ₩4 billion KRW, in one night.
Daesung Reportedly Put His Controversial Building Up For Sale At 40 Billion Won
He’ll be making a huge profit.
Lawyer Claims BIGBANG’s Daesung Knew Prostitution Took Place In His Building Even Before He Bought It
“Daesung already knew where the prostitution was taking place in his building.”