Former UKISS member Alexander caught between EXO vs BTS fanwar

It all went wrong with one tweet.

Former U-KISS member Alexander was caught in a fanwar between two giant fandoms: EXO and BTS. Alexander was tweeting during the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Closing Ceremonies when he made comments about the next summer Olympics and talked about the performances that he saw. But it all went wrong with one tweet.


EXO-Ls immediately took up arms.


But ARMYs decided to strike back.


Tired of being in the middle of a fanwar, Alexander decided to set things straight.


And when that tweet still didn’t put out the fire, he decided a different approach.


The last tweet really worked with fans from both sides apologizing. An hour after that tweet Alexander let everyone know that things were cool with him and that he wasn’t mad.


In any event, Alexander should be commended for his excellent job at putting out the flames of this fanwar!