ITZY Prove They’re Performance Masters By Learning A New Choreography In 10 Minutes

ITZY are dancing machines.

ITZY released the behind-the-scenes video of their episode of GAP of ITZY with Leejung, a contestant of Street Woman Fighter and the famous choreographer behind many beloved K-Pop songs. Though they had never met in person before this episode, the girls couldn’t help but feel close to Leejung already, thanks to working with her choreography for four of their title tracks.

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Of course, many interactions between dancers are through filming fun TikTok challenges these days, and ITZY and Leejung showed off their natural chemistry as they struggled to create this cute TikTok.


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♬ original sound – Our Yeddeong – Our Yeddeong

And given their history together, this GAP of ITZY episode wasn’t complete without another outstanding choreography by Leejung.

Within ten minutes, Leejung created a fun and groovy dance to ITZY’s song “Gas Me Up.” But what was more impressive was how instantly ITZY picked up the choreography, managing to look seamlessly in sync with each other and Leejung in mere minutes.

The final take of their dance exudes charisma, with each person showing off their unique charm, proving that every single one of them is a performance master.


Lee Jung & ITZY just made a choreo for #GasMeUp on Livestream🔥 #leejung #itzy #yeji #lia #ryujin #chaeryeong #yuna #midzy #foryou

♬ Gas Me Up – ITZY

After the broadcast ended, Leejung and ITZY promised to share a meal one day in the future before going their separate ways.

After Leejung left, the girls couldn’t help but gush over her talent and creativity.

They also didn’t forget to compliment themselves for picking up the dance so quickly and adding their own color to the movements with ease. ITZY deserve all the praise, even from themselves.

Since Lia wasn’t feeling well that day, she wasn’t able to perform “Gas Me Up” with Leejung, but she made it up by joining the rest of ITZY on a later episode and dancing a more polished version of the choreography.


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♬ Gas Me Up – ITZY