MONSTA X’s Blockbuster Aesthetic In Their New MV Teaser Builds Crazy Anticipation


MONSTA X, on a streak of releasing bops after bops, have Monbebes building intense anticipation for their next track! The group recently released a music video teaser for another upcoming album to drop on October 28, 2019 and fans are going wild for the aesthetics captured in the video.

The teaser featured MONSTA X in a car accident, and as horrendous as that sounds, it immediately grabbed the viewers’ attention.

As the teaser continues to focus in on Hyungwon, bloodied from the accident, Monbebes grow more curious about what’s happening, what’s going to happen, and what it could all mean!


Monbebes are also thoroughly fascinated by the blockbuster quality of the teaser. It has already built so much anticipation for the album’s release and for the full music video!

Watch the full teaser here:

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