TWICE Has A $1000 USD Penalty Every Time They Make A Big Mistake In Dance Practice

Here’s how it started 💸

TWICE is well-loved for their choreographies, which are always so flawless, high in energy, and synchronized.

It turns out that they’re so good because they have a penalty fee for those who make a mistake during practice!

In a video with Studio K, TWICE was seen going over a choreography. Unfortunately for Sana, she made the wrong move and was caught red-handed.

They told her she needed to pay the very expensive penalty of 518,000 KRW (440 USD) to each member, which was already considered generous because they had deducted the “taxes.”

Hey Sana, we have a penalty rule. 518,000. We removed the tax, and you have to pay each one of us.

— Jihyo

That’s not all. In a post interview, Nayeon explained that although small mistakes are worth 518,000 KRW (440 USD), big mistakes are worth a whopping 1,193,000 KRW (1,014 USD).

For each mistake, it’s 518,000, and if you make a big mistake, it’s 1,193,000.

— Nayeon

But why did they even start enforcing these pricey penalties? According to the girls, it’s because leader Jihyo needed the money!

Jihyo lacked money. It’s worse on Saturdays. I think it’s because she spends a lot the day before.


In Jihyo’s words, “It’s because it’s a Friday night.

Watch the full video below.

Source: YouTube